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This interdisciplinary volume introduces new theories and ideas on creativity from the perspectives of science and art. Featuring contributions from leading researchers, theorists and artists working in artificial intelligence, generative art, creative computing, music composition, and cybernetics, the book examines the relationship between computation and creativity from both analytic and practical perspectives.
Each contributor describing innovative new ways creativity can be understood through, and inspired by, computers.



"If I had to pick just one point out of this richly intriguing book, it would be something that the editors stress in their introduction: that these examples of computer art involve creative computing as well as creative art."
Margaret A. Boden [OBE, Professor of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex] (read more)

Edited by Jon McCormak and Mark d'Inverno,
442 p., Hardcover edition 2012,
Published by Springer.
ISBN 978-3-642-31726-2
Foreword by Margaret A. Boden.